Sunday, August 23, 2009

V8 super cars

the Qld 300 was on last week end & I was lucky enough to be able to make it on Friday & Saturday, I was unable to make on Sunday due to my birthday party. The photo above is a photo of Jamie Whincup the current V8 supercar champion getting out of the cockpit in the garage has i was given a tour buy Team Vodaphone for my birthday & i have to thank Martine very much. This photo is something the pros only have the opportunity to get, so for me, its immense honour to be able to take this photo & show it to the world. So again thank you 888 Racing
Greg Murphy & Mark Skaif doing a commercial for the up coming endurance races & they where laughing they heads off having a great time with the crowd
Mark Winterbottom aka Frosty with his race face on before practice ,the focus & concentration that's in his eyes is so evident
ill probably get this wrong, so don't shot me . i think this is Micheal again doing a commercial & the next one is lee looking on & carrying the helmets

James Courtney again fulfilling his media duties . These young men have all got smiles & go out of their way to make as many people that they can happy plus do their jobs except for 1 driver thats right one of the bumper brothers baby Kelly little boy big ego. Again they were doing a commercial for tv & had access closed for everything they had a couple of takes come back for another when some one in the crowd mentioned typical commodore drivers holding up traffic as usual Rick turned immediately & used language i cannot repeat hear this person was wearing a Ford shirt. My point is if they cannot take a little joke & treat all fans including Young children that where in the group with respect & not use obscene language then maybe Jack Daniels should look at this teams future. If it was my companies name on the side of his car it would not have been there at the start of the race

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ricky & Belinda's Wedding

My Best mate Ricky rung me about 2 months ago to tell me he was getting married to his long time partner Belinda. Our families are very close & i was aware of Belinda's mums health problems . its not good which is such a shame as she is such a lovely lady & this was her wish to see Ricky & Belinda married , So we jumped in to make sure it happened. Our gift to the happy couple was a photo album from us.
So here we go, this was taken out in front of Belinda's sisters house

Belinda looked beautiful in her dress when she stepped out of the car

On the way up the isle to Ricky, Belinda had to stop & see someone very special, her mum

That's little Brock looking on, Ricky & Belinda's youngest boy. It was a great ceremony that was short & sweat with a bit of humor through in to lighten the moment.
The next couple are of Ricky & Belinda exchanging rings

As i have said earlier that mums not real well so this next photo which I'm really proud of is an intimate moment between mum & daughter I'm sure that this photo will be a treasured for years to come by all the family of a special day
A very special thank you must go to Colleen, Belinda's sister, she put in a Hugh effort for this to happen from running around to being the brides maid
Ricky & Belinda's children, Cooper,Brook & Kasey play a Hugh part in their lives,the ceremony included them even to the vows Richy & Belinda said the next photos were taken just after the wedding, in front of the wedding/family car its obvious that its a happy loving family

Cooper & Brock are Ricky & Belinda's two boys, now they had a special part in the wedding as they were the ones that gave Belinda away & they did a great job to

also the love that Ricky has for mum is Hugh the next photo is of Mum & Ricky saying thank you

the only other thing to say is congratulations to Ricky & Belinda & it was an honour & a privilege to do this for to very special people there are a heap more photos for family members to view just contact Belinda Thanks to everyone who made this a great day from Guy & Donna Marsh